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October Update – Scott Freeman Music

Hey guys,

Been a while since I’ve done an update, thought I’d let you guys know about all the exciting stuff going on behind the scenes here at Sco HQ.

September was full of crazy gigs, the most memorable being at a pub called Six Bells in Havant. It was a real DIY sorta punk gig and the crowd really dug what I was doing, so I decided to do my big audience participation song ‘Love The Way You’re Making Me Feel (Alright)’ at the end.

Anywho, in the call and response bit I cut the room in half (metaphorically of course) and I had one side of the crowd shout ‘Trombone’ and the other side shout ‘Trifle’, as you do! When I asked them what you get when you put those two together, the room fell silent and one guy in the corner quietly says


So everyone shouted penis at me.


I love my job.

I also took a dare from my friend Jacob who runs the Folking Around gig nights in Kingston to do a ‘Sunrise Session’. Basically the Sunrise Session consists of me playing a set, at a scenic location, at sunrise. It sorta speaks for itself, give it a watch below!

November is packed full of gigs which you can check out on my Tour Dates page. Playing in Wales for the first time, which is really cool! I have a string of shows around that region so I’m trying to turn it into a little tour, if you’re nearby definitely pop your head in for a show, I’ve got some new songs that absolutely kick ass!

Thanks for reading guys, it’s been an awesome year and already things are looking good for 2016, let me know on social media if you liked my blog and seeya soon!

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October Update - Scott Freeman Music
Scott gives an update on the exciting things happening behind the scenes with his new album 'Season Of Blue' and more! CLICK TO READ.