Regarding Award Season

When I left school, I got an award for Outstanding Musical Achievement in the Community. I have the trophy on my shelf to this day. I may have drank champagne out of it, once…

From that day til now I’ve worked my butt off writing, recording and performing new songs. It’s hard work, but I keep going because the passion never dies. My mantra is this:

‘Write every song like it’s your first, play every show like it’s your last.’

I don’t believe in half measures, I give you everything onstage or nothing at all. The result? Nearly every gig I play, someone will come up to me afterwards and say that was one of the best performances they’ve ever seen – and that is an award in itself.

However whenever these big music award things (like the Brit Awards) come up every year, I get a little bit sad, because I feel like I’ll never win one. Yet in the same breath I laugh, because I know that getting an award for doing something is just a bonus. Doing the something, that’s the real reward, because when you create great art you make the world a better place by bringing something beautiful into it.

So as this season passes by, I have to remind myself again that what I’m doing as a musician is important, even if I don’t get a new trophy to acknowledge all the hard work I’m putting in, the real reward is making people smile and leaving a catchy tune in their head as they walk to work the next day.

Yeah, I like that.


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