My Journey

Scott Freeman is an indie rock artist from Winchester, Hampshire. He is passionate about bringing people great entertainment, delivering energetic performances with catchy, thought provoking tunes. Scott has acquired this sound through the different bands he’s been a part of over the years and through many life experiences. Below is a little taste of his story, so far…

Born on the 4th July 1991 to David and Lesley Freeman, Scott grew up in the town of Morden, South London and even in his early years, Scott was incredibly creative, always building things and making stories. At the age of nine, Scott’s parents divorced soon after moving to Shepperton, Middlesex. As a form of escapism, Scott started writing songs.

Going into secondary school, Scott’s passion for music continued, as he spent his break times in the rehearsal rooms teaching himself to play drums. Once good enough, Scott formed his first band ‘Piranha’ and began teaching the rest of the band how to play his songs. Unable to fully articulate the concert that was in his head, Scott decided to learn guitar so that he could figure out all the sounds and how it fit in musically. The dynamic of the band shifted, with friends Max and Harry taking up the bass and drums as Scott took to the electric guitar.

‘Piranha’ started bashing out three-chord punk at venues around their hometown, each week meeting up in each other’s bedrooms with guitars, writing more songs and getting better at it every day. After a while the band grew out of three-chord punk and wanted to create a sound that was more dynamic. The lads decided to add another guitarist to the band, inviting their friend Rich Sinclair to bring in some more seasoned guitar work to the group. With Rich onboard the song-writing soared to new heights with more complex song structures and guitar solos. No doubt this led to the bands growth in popularity on the local music scene and at their peak recorded their track ‘On The Edge of Breakdown’.

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After a while ‘Piranha’ morphed into ‘Pink Vinyl’, Scott and Rich bringing in their friends Max Lee, Dan Mundy and Simon Desmond to form a more classic rock sound. With Rich and Max covering the electric guitar end of the band, Scott put down his guitar and focused purely on his vocals and lyric writing, which led to the band writing and recording the ballad ‘Past In Flames’.

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‘Pink Vinyl’ carried on for some time, but the band grew apart as musical influences changed. Scott had learned a lot from working with more experienced musicians like Rich and so had began writing songs on the acoustic, that blended the sound of the instrument with the punk rock energy of his original band ‘Piranha’. It was at this point that Scott bought his signature black Yamaha APX-500 acoustic guitar (which you can see in the above picture).

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After growing as a songwriter by himself, Scott decided to get a new band together to start playing these new songs to people. ‘The Bad Thing’ was formed, featuring Scott’s friends Tom Ridler, Jon Moore and ‘Piranha’ drummer, Harry Shakespeare. The sound was heavily influenced by The Jam and the Arctic Monkeys who’d just released their second album ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ which the would band would often listen to together in Harry’s kitchen after a night out. The band eventually cobbled together an EP, featuring fan favourite ‘Love Boat’.

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Scott and the band finally left school and headed for college, there they continued to gig, however the songwriting had stopped. Scott found a young guitarist at college called Sonny Evans, a proficient player who much like Rich did back in the old days, pushed Scott to be a better musician.

With Sonny onboard, the songwriting took another leap forward, blending their indie sensibilities with Sonny’s trippy guitarwork. This resulted in the band’s single ‘Distance To Empty’ which they went onto play at a big youth showcase at the Birmingham NEC.

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The band continued writing and performing for some time, but as the band got bigger in the local scene, the parties got wilder and after a while they got a little out of hand. When the gigs became less and less, Scott decided to call a day on ‘The Bad Thing’ and start something new.

It’s a great thing when two old friends reconnect, such was the case with Scott and Sophie Elizabeth who had been friends back in the ‘Piranha’ days. Having both had bands that had slowly faded away, Scott and Sophie decided to form an acoustic duo and do something different to their previous musical outings. They formed a sound that was still in the realms of indie, but a lot more playful and light than Scott’s previous musical outings. The duo went on to perform at Guilfest 2010.


“Writing songs as a duo was so different to anything else I’d ever done, it was so much fun and it was great just getting to focus on the acoustic guitar for a while and not having to worry about the lyrics or the melody, that was refreshing”

Alongside the acoustic duo, Scott began working with his old Bad Thing bandmate, Tom on a new sound. Along with James Bickley and Robin Rathbone, Scott and Tom formed hard rock outfit ‘These Are Teeth’.  They recorded their EP ‘Let It Burn’ late 2010 and began playing live shows around the south to support it.

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Amidst these new musical ventures, Scott began a new journey in a new town. Leaving Shepperton behind, Scott moved to Winchester, Hampshire to start a degree in Creative Writing.

While in Winchester, Scott took advantage of the great open mic scene there and began regularly performing as a solo act. Influenced by all the crazy cool creative things his degree had to offer, Scott decided in 2011 to try and write a song a day for a year. Scott decided to stop at 200, as the songwriting well had finally run dry.

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In this time however, Scott pushed himself as a songwriter and was able to achieve the sound he’d been pushing for ever since he picked up the acoustic guitar. As Sophie packed her bags to move to Indonesia and personal troubles popped up with the band, Scott decided to finally step out as a solo artist as he’d been planning to do for years now.

Scott graduated from playing the smaller open mics to bigger venues as a solo act, creating a big sound with just his voice and an acoustic guitar that justified him opening up for bands. Since August 2011, Scott has been touring round the UK as a solo acoustic act, bringing his brand with acoustified indie rock to crowds everywhere.


In November 2014, Scott booked some recording sessions at Untapped Talent Studios in Southampton, to put down the tracks he’d been performing for years as the eight track ‘Season Of Blue’ LP. To record the album, Scott recruited his friends Billy (bass) and Donna (Drums) from Albany Down to give the album a full band sound. Frequent collaborator Tim Vaine also features, playing all the elctric guitar parts.

After completing the initial recordings, Scott began booking his first tour in support of the album. Inspired by how good the full band recordings were sounding, Scott decided to make a change and wrangle together some musician friends together to help him tour these songs. The Tokyo Sex Whales were formed; the backing band’s name inspired by African politician Tokyo Sexwale.

As the recording sessions came to a close, Scott decided to get the band ready for the tour by playing a slot at the Giants of Rock festival.  The band played their first electric show to a crowd of around 500, despite the large crowd the band held their own and managed to entertain the masses. You can read a review of that gig here.

‘Season Of Blue’ was released in March 2015, a week before the band went out onto the road in support of it. Scott and the gang played ten nights in a row around the UK, including Winchester, Chelmsford, Ipswich, Manchester and London. The tour was a success selling 50 copies of the album.

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At the end of the tour the band was sounding great, but despite best wishes to continue, various members of the Tokyo Sex Whales had to return to their other commitments and so another tour was not planned.

After taking a few months off to rest post tour, Scott returned to the gigging scene in August 2015 with the new incarnation of the Tokyo Sex Whales. The band now a three-piece, featuring Albany Down’s Billy Dedman and Donna Peters on bass and drums respectively, with Scott now switching to electric guitar.

“I didn’t want to repeat what I did with the old Sex Whales, what we did was great, but this was an opportunity to do something different with the songs and with the live show that wasn’t possible before. Playing electric guitar is a challenge for me, because I have such an inclination towards the acoustic, but challenging yourself is good and I believe what we’re doing now is the next evolution in our sound as a band”