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Are you an upcoming artist? Maybe you've been gigging for a while and the time has come to record that song you and your band have been killing it with live? Maybe you want to impress that special someone with a cover of their favourite Tame Impala track? Or maybe you're the next Andy Mckee and you have an epic acoustic instrumental you're just dying to put up on TikTok?

Whatever your needs, here at Sheeptown Studios we're all about getting the best possible version of your track recorded, from picking the right tempo, all the way up to mastering, we have your back. 

But what makes Sheeptown Studios different to other local recording studios? It's simple: Our studio is led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Scott Freeman who has 20+ years of writing and recording songs; so if you're a solo act looking for a full band accompaniment or a band who lost their ukulele player on tour (it happens) then Scott is here to help!

For no extra price, we can offer additional vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, cajon, keyboard, banjo and a variety of percussion instruments for your songs. We can also assist you with songwriting.

Send us an email at to book your first session.

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Sheeptown Studios: Testimonials

Fred Irwin

Recording with Scott is genuinely the most fun I've had with music outside of a live setting in years. Not only is Scott a total professional, he's a natural at putting clients at ease, as well as getting the best performance out of them. 
A multi-talented musician, he brought my initially-acoustic track to life in ways my imagination couldn't even conjure. Beyond that, his unquestionable production skills have evolved a 'decent track' into something that I am infinitely more proud to put out than anything that came before it. I'll be back for sure!

Sheeptown Studios: Music



  • Focusrite Clarett+ 8pre

  • Audient iD4


  • Yamaha HS 5 W x2


  • Cubase Pro 9.5

Guitar & Bass Amps

  • Vox AD50VT

  • TC Electronic Thrust BQ250 Bass Head

  • Ashdown Bass Cab

Drum Kit

  • Sonor 503 Series

+ an assortment of Condenser and Dynamic mics

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Recording Session Prices


One Hour Session

You can get a lot done in an hour. You can book one hour, two or more, but currently we can only offer a maximum of ten hours a day at the studio.

Sheeptown Studios: Price List


Obsessed with music from a young age, Scott has been writing and performing songs since the age of nine. With a full concert of original songs in his head, Scott set out to learn every instrument possible, in order to bring the songs he had in his head to life.

Throughout the years, Scott has performed as a solo acoustic act and as part of various music acts, from alternative rock, to punk, to indie and even folk. Scott has always loved genre and is excited to try out new styles and ideas. 

As a self titled solo artist he has released three albums and is in the process of releasing his first EP 'The Brexit Trilogy'. All his works can be heard on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Outside of music performance, Scott worked as a Musician in Residence for the music charity Changing Tunes, teaching music across a number of prisons. He also led some post-release work, which involved writing and recording a track with a group of ex-prisoners and legendary singer-songwriter, Billy Bragg. His work in prison led to him receiving the High Sheriffs Award in 2021 'in recognition of great and valuable services to the community'.

Sheeptown Studios was built in March 2020, just as we all went into lockdown in the UK. Scott used the next eighteen months of furlough to build on his recording skills, writing and recording new songs every week and publishing the results on his YouTube channel. After several years of refining his skills as a recording engineer, Scott has opened the doors on his studio, to share his skills with the community.

Sheeptown Studios: Bio


We are open between 9am - 10pm, seven days a week. Email us at to book in your first session.

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